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Stop Saying Sorry For The Wait

Of the Cisco UCCX tools, Callback is one of the strongest features for the future of your business. 

A Callback Application or Virtual Hold & Queue within the Cisco UCCX can be designed for two types of call flows; maintain place in queue and scheduled callback. Both options allow the call originator to hang up and receive a callback within a committed or scheduled timeframe.

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Understanding Reporting via CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center)

The common struggle that Call Center Managers and Supervisors have with reporting in Cisco’s CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center) are predominantly centered around trying to understand which reports they should run when they have so many to choose from, trying to understand each of the reports, and then in trying to compare certain reports. There can be several reasons people struggle in understanding how to read and or pull reports, but there is a simple solution to reporting more effectively. That solution is to understand the UCCX Architecture as it pertains to your environment and then to understand how your calls are scripted. To best understand this, it’s important to start with the basics.

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Callback (Virtual Hold) and Abandon calls impact

Callback or Virtual Hold is seeing an increase in adoption across all types of call centers, contact centers and demographics.  Callback is the approach of offering the caller the ability to hang up the call and not lose their place in queue and the system will automatically call them back.  The exercise of implementing a callback should be taken very seriously as it can have staffing and infrastructure impact that most organizations are not prepared for or haven’t thought about.  Additionally there is a customer journey component that needs to be thought through as to not confuse the customer and to properly handle the calls if you end up in their voicemail.  For this blog we will focus on infrastructure and abandoned calls

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