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Stop Saying Sorry For The Wait

Of the Cisco UCCX tools, Callback is one of the strongest features for the future of your business. 

A Callback Application or Virtual Hold & Queue within the Cisco UCCX can be designed for two types of call flows; maintain place in queue and scheduled callback. Both options allow the call originator to hang up and receive a callback within a committed or scheduled timeframe.

While seemingly simple,  Callback provides the ultimate customer experience. We’ll explain how and why it works through the lens of the customer, the agent, and the infrastructure. You’ll also learn why you’ll never need to apologize for the wait time again. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

The Customer

The customer experience is the lifeblood of a  company, especially in the contact center. 

Callback functionality dually strengthens customer service and improves the customer journey. 

How does it work? It’s simple.

You’re the customer. You call a company, and you hear there are 20 callers ahead of you. You’ve got errands to do but your call is something that needs to be done today. Instead of waiting on hold and being distracted by music & prompts thanking you for holding,  you simply request a callback. Now that you’ve secured your specific place “in line” you are able to hang up your phone and the company will call you back when it’s your turn.

On the back end, the call never leaves the UCCX queues, or it’s place in line. When the next call to be answered is the Callback it reserves an agent, places an outbound call and then a CTI screen pop can be configured to display the caller's pertinent information. This powerful integration displays the customer account even before the area code is dialed. 

This integration allows for a personalized experience and preferred agent routing – meaning you’ll get the callback experience you deserve. The agent will know who you are, your previous orders, and will be better equipped to anticipate your needs.

A contact center call that’s efficient and enjoyable? Yup – it’s no longer an urban myth.

The Agent

The CTI screen pop goes the distance for agents, too. 

The majority of contact center agents strive to ensure a positive customer experience but they are limited by their toolsets in order to consistently deliver their goal.

Until now.

Armed with the customer’s full history and details, an agent can start a call with a proactive disposition, instead of digging for issues/concerns. Not only is this a more efficient process, it’s also more pleasant for the agent and customer. They can jump into discussion without frustration, and without apologizing for the wait time.

The Callback solution decreases toll-free minutes, reduces the number of used UCCX resources, and drastically reduces abandoned calls. 

The reporting of the solution will tell you how many calls reached a live answer. Additionally, If the agent does not reach a human on the call we can configure it to be requeued for another attempt to increase the customer journey.

The Infrastructure

The fundamental benefit of a callback is clear. It frees up resources that every call center needs. 

In a contact center, you need phone lines and employees to fulfill customer service needs. If you have a high call volume, you might think you need more lines or more full time employees (FTE’s). But, what if the cost of these extra resources exceed your budget?

Cisco UCCX tools, especially Callback, leverages your existing resources in an efficient (and more cost effective) way. 

At Workflow Concepts, we work directly with our clients to understand their business & customer service challenges. We utilize our years of experience in the contact center industry to design, develop & implement custom solutions. We engineer the art of what’s possible. 

Our business approach is to create raving fans. If your customers start raving to you about how you’ve changed your business, then we’ve done ours.

Clients of all sizes benefit from our system.  We seek first to maximize existing investments, and save your resources time, and your business money.  

The Wait Is Over

You’re the best in your industry, and we’re the best in ours. Constructing a successful contact center requires critical planning of resources and highly experienced experts that follow an exact process from engineering to implementation, from training to go live support, all with reporting, analytics and forecasting at the center of your business.

At Workflow Concepts, we’re a uniquely skilled team of contact center professionals with experience in designing, staffing, managing and operating call centers for over 20 years.  

Customized to your needs, we will transform your Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Solution to help you improve your customer’s journey, maximize the utilization of your Cisco environment, increase the occupancy of your agents, and accelerate the return on your investment. Call us at (207) 558-8600​ to learn more.