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Creating Customized Contact Center Solutions Increased Productivity & Improved Customer Journey

Axis Communications

Customer: Axis Communications is a global powerhouse in the video surveillance industry.  A Swedish-based company with North America headquartered in Chelmsford, MA,  Axis has 65,000 partners in 179 countries, distributors in half as many countries and employees in over 40 countries.

Challenge:  Axis Communications’ contact centers experience extremely high call volume and were plagued with long customer wait times and high abandon rates.  Their non-tiered phone script configuration tied up experienced engineers taking basic entry level calls.  Supervisors were fielding incoming calls rather than coaching and mentoring agents.  The escalation of issues was handled manually with no historical information about the caller.  Up to 12 different systems were used by agents to complete their calls.  There was no ticketing system in place to track all calls received, the nature the call or the outcome.  

Solution:  Workflow Concepts created a 3-tier system allowing more experienced engineers to focus on the technical calls. A complete reconfiguration of the contact center’s phone script passes all callers through Tier 1 to collect basic customer information, open a tickets and resolve approximately 30% of the calls that did not require a technical resource.  Tier 1 escalates to Tier 2 as needed getting the customers to the proper technical resource quicker and easier.  Tier 2 can now triage and handle 95% of the call volume reducing the need for many Tier 3 resources.

Zoho Support for ticket management was implemented and integrated with Cisco Agent Desktop to decrease duplicate systems entry.  Workflow Concepts created a custom toolbar with single password sign-on to most commonly used applications.  These toolbar buttons are programmed to take the agent to the place within the application or browser that is specific to the product notated in the ticket.  This produces a screen pop of specific data and significantly reduces click time and total call time.  Wallboards allow agents and supervisors to have real time knowledge of their calls in queue, agents ready and average wait time.  During high volume call times, customers have the option to enter their phone number for a call back without losing their line in the queue.

Results:  Experienced engineers are spending less time handling administrative tasks.  Caller history is readily available for follow-up and troubleshooting.  Agents are more efficient signing into the system, accessing disparate data, resolving calls and improving the customer journey.

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Beacon Health Strategies

Customer: Established in 1996, Beacon Health Strategies provides new treatment plans to behavioral health patients. The organization is comprised of industry-leading behavioral health experts, medical, behavioral, human services, and pharmacy clinicians.

Challenge: As a fast growing organization Beacon needed to have a highly skilled contact center partner that could be available immediately for implementing changes to a very dynamic environment. With over 300 agents they needed a company that could be nimble, flexible and highly skilled at supporting their internal customer base from Boston to Honolulu.

Solution: The solution for Beacon was an on demand Managed Service Program that provide them with realtime support for their client needs. We created a highly available program that allows the business users to request changes and have them implemented within minutes and not days. Due to the nature of the business and availability around the clock we have the resources that will support them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Result: Highly satisfied end users that can make realtime changes without delay and know that everything will be done properly the first time. The business units can now move at the speed of business knowing that their changes will be implement swiftly and accurately.

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Bob's Discount Furniture

Customer: Headquartered in Manchester, CT, Bob’s Discount Furniture has 61 showrooms in 11 states throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.  

Challenge:  Bob’s Discount Furniture call centers experience extremely high call volumes and as a result, were plagued with long customer wait times and high abandon rates. The phone script configuration combined with inadequate staffing equaled frustrated customers and internal staff.

Solution:  Workflow Concepts completely reconfigured the call center’s phone scripts ensuring customers would get to the right staff quicker and easier.   There are 2 external call centers that are now being leveraged through advanced routing techniques. On hold informational messages were inserted  to redirect callers to websites, inform them of their estimated wait time and inform callers of the “busy hours”.  Spanish queues and priority routing were added.  Intensive training on Cisco Agent Desktop resulted in utilizing the tool more efficiently and agents immediately saw the benefits.  

Results: Informational messages decreased call volume and hold times.  Advanced routing better utilized off-site call center resources.  Abandoned call rates have dropped significantly and escalation points are utilized more appropriately.  Implementing a proactive approach to high-volume time-based staffing and a better use of existing systems have proven to make the Bob’s Discount Furniture’s customer experience much more  positive.

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Cisco Systems, Inc.

Customer: Since its inception in 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. has made remarkable advancements in IT. The company aims to connect the previously unconnected. Cisco Systems, Inc. not only changed the way people connect, they have also changed how they communicate and collaborate.

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Customer: Located in Tampa, Florida, DDS Lab  is the growing choice of dentists nationwide.  DDS Lab offers dentists a comprehensive line of dental products with a commitment to using only fully approved FDA materials.  The dental prosthetic industry is rapidly changing.  Experienced staff and certified dental technicians are able to provide both excellent products and exceptional service.

Challenge:  DDS Lab has a strong commitment to craftsmanship but was falling short on their internal processes causing frustration to both agents and customers.  Many internal functions were manual which not only caused extra handling time but more room for errors.  Supervisors did not have a clear view of their agent’s phone status and staffing was not matching their high call volume times.  Customer wait time was a growing problem as was the manual escalation process.  Non-phone functions  (email, chat) were not evenly distributed among agents.

Solution:  After a full assessment by Workflow Concepts, many areas of improvement were identified, both long and short term.   Real time Wallboards would highlight calls in queue and peak call volume times were identified allowing DDS to adjust staffing accordingly.   A complete script reconfiguration  and UCCX redesign were also recommended.

Results:  Real time Wallboards allowed agents and supervisors live data intelligence for calls in queue, wait times and agent state.  Automation of reports and other manual processes decreased handle time and and increased accuracy.  Workflow Concepts created call center and individual agent scorecards to monitor KPIs and provide management with tools to better optimize performance.  The bottom line result was higher agent performance and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

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Delta Dental of Iowa

Customer: Delta Dental of Iowa is one of 39 Delta Dental plans, which allows them to reach millions of members across the country. Delta Dental of Iowa knows that its members are most important. They listen, act fast and make sure their members are completely satisfied.  

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Heartland Ovation Payroll

Customer: Heartland Ovation Payroll are facilitators, orchestrators, and integrators when it comes to data and money being accessed by all.

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Insulet Corporation

Customer: Insulet Corporation is an inventive medical device company that has dedicated its work to making the lives of people who live with diabetes easier. Insulet created the OmniPod Insulin Management System, which seeks to expand the use of insulin pump therapy.

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Customer: Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union supports the financial needs of the Los Angeles law enforcement community, as well as their families and limited police-related groups. This non-profit corporation was founded in 1936.

Challenge: In effort to keep improving their member experience LAPD FCU wanted to implement a call by call survey to ensure customer happiness.

Solution: A custom designed survey system. The UCCX is a powerful development engine and we have designed a Survey approach that could be immediate, time delayed or a callback based on the end users requirements. We also designed the survey to simplify the reporting and escalation of problem calls.

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McDevitt Trucks, Inc.

Customer: A family owned business, Manchester Mack Sales, was founded in 1974. With additions of family members, the company was renamed McDevitt Trucks Inc. in 2000. Over the years, the company expanded into five locations in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, and is currently the largest heavy-duty truck dealerships in New England, and one of the largest in the Northeast.

Challenge: McDevitt Trucks was hindered by an older system and no real time way of tracking incoming calls, hold times, abandoned rates, etc.  Lengthy reports were manually generated creating a reactive environment rather than proactive approach to scheduling and staffing.

Solution:  Workflow Concepts implemented a complete Cisco UC upgrade including Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktop.  The Expresso Wallboard was also implemented as an “in the face” way of  monitoring calls waiting, calls abandoned and agent ready state.  On hold informational messages were added to redirect callers where appropriate. Finesse supervisor desktop made it possible for supervisors to see real time data intelligence and manage staff levels accordingly.  McDevitt Trucks opted for a Managed Service Agreement in which Workflow concepts would not only support their environment but generate weekly scorecard reports.

Results: Many callers could be helped by following the guidance of the informational messaging.  This freed up agents to take calls that needed human intervention. Supervisors and agents have a better awareness of calls holding and agent readiness.  A more advanced UC system with a few customizations have proven to make the McDevitt Trucks customer experience much more positive. 

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Customer: Since its establishment in 1861, MIT has maintained its commitment to educating students in science, technology and related areas of scholarship. MIT serves more than just its faculty and students, but both the local community and the world.

Challenge: MIT implemented a new Contact Center with UCCX and being the top engineering school in the world they wanted to manage the systems internally. They did not have the flexibility in their schedules to fly people around the country to attend the typical training classes provided through the Cisco training network. They also wanted the training to be based on their exact system and setup.

Solution: A customized administrative training program for the Contact Center managers and students. We created a custom plan that consisted of targeted training on all the aspects of the UCCX and the necessary configuration items. Throughout the training process we identified areas of improvement and worked with the staff to improve call handling and to provide a better experience for the students and faculty.

Result: MIT is now fully trained and managing their UCCX systems internally. They have a full understanding of all the UCCX configuration points and reporting systems as well.

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New England Aquarium

Customer: The New England Aquarium aims to make a global impact with how they operate their aquarium. They provide a wide variety of educational programs and conservation incentives to their guests, as well as address some of the most challenging problems the ocean faces.

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New Hampshire Employment Security

Customer: Created in 1933, New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) is a federally funded state agency. NHES works closely with the statewide network of Job and Information Centers to assist customers with self-directed employment and career related services.

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Roehl Transport

Customer: Since 1962, Roehl Transport has been providing safe transportation, as well as honesty, integrity, fairness and professionalism to its clients. Roehl Transport is not only one of the country’s safest trucking companies, it is also one of the overall best trucking company.  

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Salem Five

Customer: Salem Five was founded in 1855 and operates 29 branches in greater Boston. This company is the leading financial service institution that offers various services and products for businesses and consumers.

Challenge: Salem Five was looking to implement some new technology and engaged us for a quote for an upgrade. We quickly identified additional areas of improvement and moved to providing an assessment instead of an upgrade quote to help them create the proper ROI to features.

Solution: The solution for Salem Five was our Assessment to Roadmap program that enabled them to have a clear vision and implementation roadmap and financials to make intelligent choices about the available features and benefits to their contact center.

Result: The results are a series of clearly defined projects with financials and ROI justification along with increase customer satisfaction objectives. Salem five now has a clear vision of what they need to implement, how much it will cost and how fast it will provide value to their customers. It has removed the confusion and fog with all the available technologies and has simplified their decision making process.

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South Shore Bank

Customer: South Shore Bank has 14 location in Massachusetts, located in seven communities throughout the South Shore. Being a mutual savings bank, their number one duty is to serve their customers.

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Systems & Methods, Inc.

Customer: Systems & Methods, Inc. was created in 1971, to provide technological solutions to government agencies. SMI assists state and local government agencies with document management, payment processing, customer service, financial systems and case management. SMI provides impeccable service that leads to long-lasting business relationships.  

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Taco, Inc.

Customer: For more than 80 years, Taco, Inc. has been family owned and operated. Known for their contribution in the advancement of the hydronic industry, the company also established The Taco Learning Center to provide a variety of training and educational support to their employees, as well as their families.

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Travel Search Company

Customer: Travel Search Company, is a travel search engine with the goal of making online travel planning better. The company's website and mobile version allows travelers the ability to compare over 100 travel sites with one search engine. They also offer local versions of their search engine in over 30 countries and 18 languages. Each year the company is leveraged to process over one billions queries for travel information.

Challenge: Travel Search Company was challenged with the consumer’s perception of their actual service.  The company is a search engine and does not make travel reservations or changes to reservations.  The company’s agents were constantly redirecting callers to service providers rather than focusing on customer feedback.  When a call came in, it rang to all agents in a hunt group, giving agents the option of answering the call or not.  Many calls were directed to voicemail and being counted twice, skewing call reports.  Callers were also given the option to leave voicemails during closed hours and weekends to be returned the next business day.

Solution: Workflow Concepts did a complete reconfiguration of the call center’s phone scripting to deliver informational messaging upfront explaining what the company is and is not. Callers are directed to their travel provider via transfer after answer a few specific questions about the booked travel event. A Spanish menu was introduced ensuring spanish speaking callers are directed to the appropriate area more expediently. Queues were introduced based on agent skills rather than going to all agent phones.  Integrated screen pop allows for less time spent handling calls and multiple system entry. The option to leave voicemails after 8:30 PM EST and on weekends was removed. 

Results: Agents spend less time informing the customers of what the company does and does not do. Customers are directed to the right area without the frustration of being transferred multiple times.  Agents have more time dedicated to focusing on feedback rather than directing callers to service providers.  Accurate and all inclusive reporting allows opportunities to fine-tune staff levels.  Spanish speaking customers are directly connected to an agent who can help them.  Overall, there is an increase in agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

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