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Top 20+ Contact Center Features

Advanced contact center features will make a tremendous difference in your customer's journey.  The UCCX Top 20+ list will provide you with an overview of capabilities and video demonstrations.

Please scroll through each demo and contact us for a proposal or a managed support agreement to help you reach a higher level of service.

Express View

Realtime reporting solution with threshhold notifications.

Work From Home Agent

Cisco UCCX simplifies the ability to have agents work from home with Extend and Connect.  Simply leverage Cisco Jabber configured for Extend and Connect with Finesse and any available phone line can be an agent line.  Implement your call center with guaranteed quality by using a landline or a cellphone.

Dynamics CRM Screenpop

Screenpop can be the basic presentation of caller id to the Finesse desktop or a sophisticated integration of customer details coupled with desktop automation resulting in reduced handle time and increased customer satisfaction.   A properly engineered screenpop can result in efficiency increases of up to 50%..

Agent Texting

Workflow Concepts Finesse agent texting gadget enables your agents to handle multiple texts at the sametime while prioritzing inbound or outbound phone calls.

Callback Virtual Hold

The best wait time is no wait time.  An intelligently architected call back/virtual queue can improve the caller experience, reduce required resources and eliminate wait time.

Learn more about the Callback Application

Voicemail Queue

Voicemail is the blackhole of call centers, no visibility, no accountability, increased customer contacts and a negative customer experience.  A voicemail queue will provide reporting, accountability and increased customer confidence in response time reducing the repeat calls. With our advanced integration we can process email with speech to text using Google speech services and write the transcription to an email to be queued to an agent.

Call Pick System

Traditional approach to call distribution is a push approach based on first in first out and agent availability.  For the customers that need the ability to priortize the order in which they receive calls based on call type or caller urgency we have developed a queue pick system that will provide the agent to pick the caller based on realtime caller needs.

Customer Journey Gadget

Workflow Concepts custom Finesse gadget that provides interaction history with the ability to add notes and other important details of each transaction providing ongoing customer journey details.

Contact Center Design & Implementation

UCCX & Finesse Experts Success Guaranteed

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Engineering a contact center is a complex process that requires attention to detail and an advanced understanding of the contact center products and solutions.

Cisco UCCX Top 20+ Features

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