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Virtual Agent solution powered by Cisco UCCX integrated to Google Dialogflow.  Engineered and supported by Workflow Concepts to provide a natural language and intelligent conversational experience that improves your customer's experience while reducing your staffing needs.  


Cisco UCCX

  • Best of breed call processing technology with Cisco UCCX
  • Leveraging the key feature of Cisco Script Editor
  • Reporting of all transactions available within the Cisco CUIC platfors
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Google Dialogflow NLP

Dialogflow is a natural language processing platform used to build conversational applications and experiences in various languages and integrated to multiple platforms.

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Workflow Concepts

Workflow Concepts engineering team engineered and integrated Cisco UCCX to Google Dialogflow to create a Virtual Agent solution that will automate and streamline your customer's experience and save on agent staffing.

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