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Case Study

Workflow Added Value Exhibit for Maine’s Largest Bank located in Camden

Call Volume2,6524,16157%
Full Time Phone Agents101110%
Abandoned Rate13%9%31%
Average Queue Time00:5900:4917%
Average Max Queue Time10:4506:2241%

Before WFC

First List Item

  • Excessive unproductive time
  • Excessive queue time
  • Limited queue visibility
  • Reactive supervision
  • Excessive break time
  • Limited reporting ability

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After WFC

Second List Item

  • Increased productive time
  • Reduced queue time
  • Expresso Wallboard - real time SLA notifications
  • Increased agent awareness and accountability
  • Modified break schedule
  • Enhanced reporting
  • “Not ready” reason codes
  • Enhanced caller experience, Callback Queue
  • Dynamic messaging

Case Study Graphic

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W.A.V.E. Summary

Third List Item

  • Improved customer journey
  • Improved allocation of resources
  • Improved Service Level

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Next Steps

Fourth List Item

  • Sophisticated core integration
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Advanced integration with Speech Recognition
  • Future roadmap development

Footnote List Item

  • The data used in this executive summary has been compiled from the week of go live in September 2016 to the exact week of 2015.
  • 101416BE

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