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A Callback Application or Virtual Queue within the Cisco UCCX can be designed for two types of call flows; maintain place in queue and a scheduled call back.  Both allow the call originator to hang up and receive a callback within a committed or scheduled timeframe.



The call originator does not need to wait in a queue

Database integration of ANI allows for a personalized experience and preferred agent routing.

Agent is better prepared to handle call reducing average handle time.

Reduction in toll-free minutes.

Guaranteed Service Level

Improved Customer Journey

Eliminates unnecessary use of UCCX resources

Drastically reduces Abandon Calls

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Callback and RequeuePlay Video

Customer maintains their place in queue, the call never leaves the UCCX and when the agent is reserved, an outbound call is placed to the caller or the system will call and then select the agent.

Once an agent places the outbound callback the agent and does not reach the customer live the agent can then REQUEUE that callback for another retry.  This will help increase your connect rate to your customers and improve the overall journey.

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Scheduled Callback

Customer can pick a specific timeframe for a call back and the UCCX will flag an external database to schedule the call, releasing UCCX resources to handle real-time sessions.

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Q. Does the customer lose their place in queue?

A. No, we create a virtual call that maintains their exact location in queue.

Q. What happens if the customer doesn't answer?

A. The system is completely flexible and we can write the rules as necessary. For example: "Retry x number of times, then leave a message."

Q. Does my agent know it's a call back?

A. Yes, the agent will be alerted if the call is a callback and who they are calling. With screenpop integration, we could even pop the customer's account prior to the customer being connected.

Q. How does it affect reporting?

A. As with all call center projects, the design starts with reporting, and we will develop the system based on your exact reporting requirements.

Q. Does the system connect the caller first or the agent first?

A. The call back can be configured for either one or dynamically based on real-time call volume.  Your business objectives will drive the exact configuration.

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